The Dreamcatcher Foundation reaches out to girls and young
women between the ages of 12-25 years old with the hopes of
igniting confidence, courage, independence, and inner strength
within them.  As a not-for-profit organization, The Dreamcatcher
Foundation, seeks to improve the lives of Chicago's most
disadvantaged and disenfranchised young women through
education, empowerment and prevention of sexual exploitation.
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The Dreamcatcher Foundation was founded in 2007 by Stephanie
Daniels and Brenda Myers-Powell, who are survivors of the sex trade
Dreamcatchers is a new community-based organization designed to
meet the needs of girls and young women who are subject to every
kind of physical, emotional, and psychological abuse imaginable.  
They are almost guaranteed a short life of poverty, terminable
disease, early pregnancy, and addiction.  These girls and young
women desperately want to improve their circumstances and
community, but they cannot do it alone.  They need the help of
others, which is one of the many reasons why The Dreamcatcher
Foundation was created.
Check out The Dreamcatcher's very own Genesis Ramirez in a short
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DFI and Director of Operations Angela
Rogensues were featured in DePaul
University's Magazine,
Success Stories.  
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